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"If you don't believe the messenger; you won't believe the message." 

Featuring alongside names such as Oprah Winfrey, Simon Sinek and J.K. Rowling, with a speech sent to 30 million people, logic says that Dion knows what he is talking about!


When you look at his Crisis Leadership Course, he created the content because he has actually led in crisis!


When you do his VIP of Mental Health course, you are accessing content that doesn't exist anywhere else, because he wrote it!


And if you've seen his speech...he has been to hell and back, struggled in the mirror and hated who he saw. He battled back from the darkness to now be a shining light to those who are still stuck there.


The manner in which is does this is by mapping the journey, so it is simple to follow. Not easy, because ease relates to effort, but it is simple to follow.


As a clinically endorsed author of books on Mental Health and as a real time author of books on Crisis Leadership and Management, as well as featuring in other authors books, he is an authority in his space. There is no hypothetcial information in his Academy. It is all lived content.


And because Dion has trained 1000's of people across multiple industries,  he has a specific strategy that makes it very simple to learn the contents of his courses, no matter who you are and where you are from!




Dion's PRIVATE mentoring programs now available PUBLICLY!

Dion is a special individual, with a wealth of experience in 'life areas' only a few would have been exposed to.

Dion presented a half-day workshop for my company on leadership and conflict management and he brought all his skill sets to the session and managed to bring a group of very experienced individuals back to reality.

He used the full range of his experiences to relate to some serious scenarios in discussion.

I would strongly recommend Dion to any organisation or individual for coaching, training or speaking.

He is able to communicate in a clear decisive manner, with authority but with passion and a friendly heart.

Darren Brunton CFIOSH

Managing Director KBA Group of Companies

Dion the Lion! With the ferocious steel mental mindset but yet the majestic bighearted lion! It is rare to find a trainer who had been there done that - living on the edge of life or death on a daily basis due to your past job nature. This ex-military experience was already an eye opener to how strong a mindset Dion portrays to us. His confidence and ability to manage fear makes us look at ours in perspective. Mind-blowing personal experience coupled with his global sales experience brought us an intensive 8 hours of training helping us to shift our paradigm and mental states! High recommend Dion if you are seeking for a trainer who speaks from his heart, mind and soul!

Jaslyn Ng

Award-Winning Top Financial Consultant

I attended Dion’s Coaching Session. His delivery skills are absolutely stunning!

You can feel that the delivery is not just verbal but it is from his heart, mind and soul. It is genuinely coming from his life experiences. Full of energy.

His skills set is so diverse. Starting from leadership, team building, networking, change management to motivational speaking to name a few. I was fortunate to experience a few of his wide repertoire of skills.

He makes each participant feel important and engaged in the session. Makes you want to attend more and more of his sessions. Great personality.

Vyjayanthi Devanathan

Senior Financial Consultant

As a master of ceremonies and event host at a recent Singapore conference with over 120 academics and working professionals, Dion was the lead off speaker out of five speakers.

I can state from my front row advantage that he hit the mark with his message 'Make Peace with the Mirror' to our SE Asian / Expat audience.

He did a great job of inspiring them and stayed right on track with his TEDx style presentation. I can highly recommend him to any organisation to empower their employees or business connections to live more fulfilling lives after listening to him speak with authority, compassion, humour and brevity.

Rob Salisbury CSP★

| Event Promoter | MC | Event Host |

Dion Jensen - No words or adjectives can describe Dion. He is remarkable individual who believes in extending Acts of Kindness those who are down and out. I was one such individual.

I was totally down and out and got a message from Dion and this was by chance that I clicked on his web-page. I was apprehensive about the Boot Camp program at first but once I attended and completed it, it is a truly a remarkable program. 

Dion is different and his willingness to help and coach is extraordinary.

His boot camp was one of the BEST that I have attended to date and highly recommend anyone who wants to make that journey form trainer to speaker to attend. 

Sanjeev Gathani

Compliance & Risk Management Expert

Dion’s talk at the Health & Wellbeing summit was profound in its simplicity. 

He told us many individual stories of people, with real life struggles, any one of whom could have been, or might still be, a member of our own business. 

He talked about how bullies worked.

He challenged us to reflect on how our own behaviour as leaders, however well meaning, could be perceived as being the bully in the room. 

His talk finished with me wanting to learn more about what he had learnt, and he has generously provided me with both of his books.

Dion’s talk provided rich food for thought, and for that reason, was hugely appreciated.

Sheena Naughton

Head of Human Resources

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Hello! For some of you, you need to see my credentials and experience. Here are a couple of the main ones:

  • Former Regional Operations Manager Asia Pacific (APAC)

  • Former Soldier, Police Officer, Bodyguard and Close Protection Operative

  • Former Training Manager Australian Government Contract

  • Clinically Endorsed Author Of The Good News About PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), The VIP of Mental Health and #Crisismanagement

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